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User: 3
Desc: My 1st
Entries: 8 / 8
Selection: In order, unweighted
Created: 2020-08-21

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Sub ID Site # Weight Status Site
0 1566 1 Active Surfing Max Auto (surfingmax)
1 13 1 Active Laura Surf (laurasurf)
2 543 1 Paused AutoSurf XYZ A (autosurf)
4 545 1 Active MagikTrafficWin - A (magiktraffic)
5 543 1 Paused AutoSurf XYZ A (autosurf)
6 1262 1 Active - A (autosurfmax)
8 20 1 Active Pro Ads Plus Splash Rotator (proadsplus)
9 2910 1 Active Freetrafficlotto (freetrafficlotto)


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